Dating during a pandemic

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, we at Berkeley International have seen an increased number of members joining, both nationally and internationally, as people are forced to socialise less in person. While it will be a little different from physically being in the same space, FaceTime/Skype/Zoom, dates allow for a little creativity and can even help you get to know your date better.

Berkeley International is a specialist company offering a bespoke introduction service to those who look for quality and results and for whom discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance.  We shall be very happy to tailor a package to suit your location, budget and specific requirements.Our team is ready and waiting to help in any way we can, so feel free to pick up the phone even if it's just for a chat. Now is not the time to feel alone. We are always here for our Berkeley family and we wish all of you to be safe and well at this time.Please do keep or get in touch and let us know what we can do to help.


The super-rich are spending big to find 'The One'. What can we learn from a millionaire's matchmaker?

The first thing we need to do is to think about right now and not let our mind wander to the future.The key to virtual socialising is interacting as you would in person—when you are more likely to share, listen, and connect with someone in a deep way. It is this kind of genuine self-disclosure and social connection that can help ward off the dangerous effects of loneliness.Ultimately, feeling connected comes down to the quality of your interaction—regardless of physical proximity. Nothing beats a face to face of course but as long as your brain understands that this is temporary, you don’t have to be in the same physical room to really gather with your family or friends.

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