So, we’re nearly at the end of your dating year

Now that 2019 is coming to a close you’re probably feeling a huge shift in energy from the people around you. We’re all already talking about 2020 and, whether we know it on not, we’re setting new goals or drawing lines under old ones. It’s extremely easy to get swept up with it all and become confused about which direction you should be going. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of a few simple things to be mindful of around this time of year.

Don’t begin to settle

So, party season is kicking in and you know you’ll probably be more comfortable with a plus one (or two) at hand for particular social occasions. What you should be careful with, however, is falling into situations or relationships that at any other time of year would be a definite no-go.We all like to be merry and surround ourselves with easy company, but spare a thought for the other person who may actually think they mean more to you. Winter warmers are probably best left as clothes, rather than human beings. Also, if you arrive to an event with a date you’re not really into, you could be missing a real opportunity to leave with someone special.

Don’t give up

It may seem like certain aspects of dating life have gone a bit stale or even cold, but like the weather, this is simply the season for it. Unlike summer when everyone is desperate to be outdoors sipping Champagne and Pimms in the sunshine, winter can set people hankering for cosy rooms filled with close friends.If someone has had an unsuccessful year dating, it’s true they may fancy a little hiatus, but it’s not for the rest of us to believe love won’t or can’t happen at this time. Keep doing your thing.

Be ready for questions

We see our family even more around this time of year and if you’re single you may do well to steel yourself against any torrent of questions headed your way. It could be anything from parents wanting grandchildren or siblings wanting gossip, to distant relatives wondering where your ex Jim or Sally is from two Christmases ago.Have your answers ready, don’t take any judgement personally and accept that it rarely comes from malice. It’s just the way people are used to behaving.

‘Free’ online dating offers

This time of year we advise you to be cautious of all the offers you’ll begin seeing from online dating sites. There will soon be a flurry of ‘free weekends’ where you can sign up and look at profiles that are perfect for you. The only trouble is that there’s usually a catch, such as being able to look but not communicate without paying, or being given a fairy tale sense of the reality of online dating.Think carefully about what you’re doing. Be sure whether you really want to meet someone who’s only investment has been signing up to a free dating site.

There is still a lot of opportunities

As the festive season slowly starts to ramp up, with work events and social gatherings, keep a very open mind about who you might meet. It’s easy to decline invitations because you feel like a sore thumb or Billy-no-mates, but getting out can breathe life into your dating game.Have fun, speak with new people, be adventurous and maximise the end of this year. There is still plenty of time to find all the things you’ve been waiting for.

Avoid loneliness as much as you can

Loneliness is an extraordinarily big challenge around this time of year and for some single people, it can feel devastating. What with the darker evenings and your loved-up friends perhaps not so willing to pop out for a quick coffee, it can feel like you’re all alone in the world and things aren’t going to get better. This is the best time to start booking winter treats for yourself.Invite friends or family to events which need to be pre-booked, so that everyone is paid up, committed and has an incentive to show up. Try theatre shows, movies, fancy restaurants, comedy shows. Make sure your calendar contains things to look forward to, solo and with company.

If you require some support as you make your way through the dating world this holiday season, then why not get in touch with a member of our expert matchmaking team today.