Spending Christmas or New Year apart?

Spending Christmas or New Year apart when you’re part of a couple can put certain strains on how much you enjoy the holiday season as a whole. We all want to be with our nearest and dearest but on some occasions, tradition and expectation will trump our true desires and we end up caving in. Whether that means travelling to our parents rather than being curled up with our partner, or having to spend it with an ex for the sake of children from a previous relationship, here are some quick top tips to make the best of it.


It may sound terribly old fashioned, but a good phone call is unbeatable. Even a one-minute chat to hear the voice of someone you love has the ability to provide an endorphin rush. Never underestimate the simple gestures in a relationship.


The next best thing to phone calls are voice notes. Surprise messages that a partner will listen to when they awake, or even as they’re surrounded by others, will help to keep you in both their heart and mind.


This is, of course, great when you want to physically see the other person and share a real-time moment with them. You can also use the time to open presents in front of each other, show off your Christmas jumpers, or tell your worst cracker jokes. Stay present for the people you’re actually spending Christmas with, but if you get a spare moment, why not?


Nothing is better than having something exciting to look forward to. Before you both part from one another, make some great plans for what you’re going to do when you’re back together. It might be meeting in a hotel, renting an apartment for the weekend, or flying abroad for a city break. It’s likely the anticipation of something infinitely more exciting will make you forget you’re missing the ‘big’ days together.


It can seem like such a final decision to spend the holidays apart, when in fact it doesn’t always have to be so brutal. There are occasions when it’s possible to meet up for a quick coffee, late-night drink, or early morning breakfast. Even a 30-minute chat in the car can become a romantic liaison to remember. See what possibilities are genuinely open to you and, if you can, enjoy sneaking away for a couple of hours with your beau.


Giving each other a gift for each day you’re going to be apart will make you feel like a child at Christmas again. It can be cards, little love tokens, or treats to eat, it really will require some thought and that will be half the magic of it. You can be extravagant of course, but don’t forget it’s the smaller and more considerate gifts that are the best.


Whether it’s a boxset you’ve both started together or cheesy holiday movies that happen to be on the TV, watching the same shows or films is an easy way to stay connected. By doing things like this at the same time, then discussing them after or texting during, you may not feel so far apart after all.


Playing games online is a really great way to communicate, especially if you’re on different schedules or time zones. The favourites tend to be Scrabble, Chess and other choices where you can take your time and even exercise your competitive streaks. As long as you both play a move at least once a day, you’ll really feel as though you’re still a priority in each other’s lives, even when apart.