5 Ways to get a woman in the mood

Most people know foreplay isn’t something that only happens in the twenty minutes before sex. Getting a woman in the mood to be intimate involves a lot more effort and can begin at any time during the day or week. It doesn’t have to be hard work and it’s not about trying to trick her. It’s about connecting above the sheets, so everything that happens beneath them flows that much smoother. Take a look at our list below, to make sure you’re at the top of your game when keeping your woman emotionally and physically satisfied.

1 - Help around the house

This is probably what you least expected to hear, but using your initiative to help do things around the house is a form of support that matters. If you don’t already, claim certain tasks as your own, such as sorting the trash and fixing things without being asked. Once in a while do something that she normally does – it shows you’re attentive and caring, the exact attributes that are very welcome in the bedroom.

2 - Channel your inner gentleman… and caveman

Hold doors open, carry her bags, refill her water glass, pull her in for big bear hugs. Essentially, make your presence known as someone who can fulfil and even pre-empt her needs. If your lady is secure in herself and the relationship you both have, she’ll appreciate your efforts and revel in being given the opportunity to totally embrace her womanhood and femininity.

3 - Be tactile

This includes massages, but not the let me rub your feet, all the way up your dress type of massage. We’re referring to well-meaning, nothing expected in return massages, ones that ease away stresses of the day or genuine aches and pains. Pair this with behaviour that involves holding her hand or waist, kissing her on the forehead, or playing with her hair and what you have are some really subtle and gentle ways to show affection. These will hopefully strike an emotional chord with your partner and bring you both closer, in more ways than one and for the long term.

4 - Surprise her

Surprising your girlfriend doesn’t have to be a grand gesture and can be as simple as phoning or texting her when she least expects it. Or, think along the lines of buying her a good luck card on the day of an important meeting, renting her favourite DVD when she’s low, or buying her favourite snack just because. Women like to feel that you’re thinking about them, even when they’re not present and small acts like this go a long way to making them feel special. If this is totally out of character for you, you should probably ease yourself in slowly, so it doesn’t turn into a shock for you both, rather than a surprise.

5 - Quiet her mind

A woman’s mind can be a hive of activity and sometimes the sexiest thing you can do is help her to let go of it all. Make her laugh in the way you know she likes best or if possible, take charge of situations that might relieve any pressures she’s under. What you need to think about it making her life easier, giving her a day off from decision making, taking care of some of her usual daily worries, or taking her somewhere new and exciting that puts her in a totally different frame of mind. Make sure that it’s a choice you too will enjoy just as much or, will appreciate seeing her enjoy.

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